Galerie des Modes, 28e Cahier, 2e Figure

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

Another Lévite, the petticoat of a different color, the sleeves of the color of the petticoat.  The Lévite like the Circassienne, having only mancherons: in place of a scarf, a ribbon belt.  This figure is coiffed with a fashionable black hat. (1780)

LÉVITE PARÉEBodice with mancherons, the collar forming revers, erupting from the belt; underbodice en fourreau, closing in front, amadis sleeves, with parement à la cavaliere.  The bottom of the petticoat trimmed with a volant, which is headed with a large ribbon.  Flat belt, ending in fringe, tied over the Lévite.  The belt, the collar, the parement, and the head of the volant in the same color.

Green monkey, which has become rather common in Paris for some years, gamboling to catch a pomegranate.