Bonus Post!

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

Well, not a bonus post in the sense that you get a bonus translation. Sorry. I wanted to promote you a couple of things:

Hallie Larkin and Steph Smith have produced a gown pattern with instruction based on their popular workshops! I have not attended one of them (I never do anything), but it's clear from their online presence that they Know Their Stuff. You should definitely consider this pattern if you're looking to get into 18th century re-enacting/costuming.

There's this comic called The Dreamer, and it's just come back from a long hiatus. The basic plot is that a modern high schooler with ordinary troubles starts to dream that she's in the American Revolution, and there are cameos and regular roles for all sorts of historical figures. The art is lovely, and the writer really, deeply cares about the history. I highly recommend going back to the beginning and reading it all the way through.