A Most Belated Promotion

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

You've likely already heard about it, but if you haven't: you should know that Kendra Van Cleave's book, 18th Century Hair & Wig Styling, is available for pre-order through Indiegogo! Probably the best advertising is the American Duchess's fabulous test-wig - check it out, it looks amazing, so you know that book's good. The detailed table of contents is also available for previewing, so you can really see what you're getting: 22 women's styles and three men's, as well as a whole lot of general techniques.

Right now, Kendra's still about $4,000 away from her goal. Fortunately the book will still go to print even if the goal isn't met, but she'll have to cut a style, some history, or page quality, so let's get to it!

I am absolutely terrible at hair - really, I can make a very good bun, but that is the limit - so I'm very excited to improve my game. I'm also (somewhat selfishly) happy to see how well the community is supporting its own through independent publishing. What a great group of people! This book looks fantastic, and it's wonderful that the information and skills are going to be disseminated to everyone. Especially me, because, as I said, I am really bad at doing hair.