Galerie des Modes, 61e Cahier, 1ere Figure

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

The young Elvire playing with her cat. She is Dressed in a galant Pierrot and Coiffed with a Hat à la d'Hericort.

" ... We have asked ourselves a million times why a beautiful woman always had a pleasing air; why being used to seeing her never renders us indifferent; why the more we see her the more we find her beautiful: all that our fecund imaginations could find, was that a beautiful woman has the gift of always seeming novel. If at our house other Frenchman, people, God knows him, lightly enough, the new man only has the gift of charming, it is necessary that a beautiful woman, who always charms us, has the gift of seeming always novel. We believe that that is an argument in form!

"We give the means of seeming always to have a new éclat; that slightly nears giving the means of seeming ..."

Le Magasin des Modes, 20 May 1787