Galerie des Modes, 53e Cahier, 1ere Figure

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

Young Lady dreaming on sweet mystery: she is dressed in a pretty redingote with steel buttons and a hat à la Contat.* (1787)

"There are some days that we have seen at the Palais Royal an elegant petit maîtresse, superb, dressed in a redingote and a coupé gilet, in the manner of those worn by men with a cravat on the neck instead of a handkerchief, to replace the corset and gown.  We do not doubt that fashion will soon take it up if three or four women adopt this dress.  Whether the novelty, elegance, grace, or taste, we confess freely that this new manner of dressing oneself has pleased us infinitely ..."

Le Cabinet des Modes, June 15, 1786

* Louise-Françoise Contat, see previous references.