Galerie de Modes, 49e Cahier, 4e Figure

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The young Elvire conversing in the evening of the pleasures that she must taste with Lindor in a tête-à-tête: she has a hat à la prétention; her gown is à l'Anglaise, kerchief with two gathered collars and mantelet of black taffeta. (1786)

Public gardens. - "The Parisians never walk, they run, they rush.

"The most beautiful garden is deserted at such a time, at such a day, because it is the practice of today to crowd elsewhere.  The reason for this exclusive preference is not seen; but this tacit convention is observed exactly.

"In the chosen walkway where the multitude ebbs, you are bothered, bumped, elbowed, and the waves are not less agitated than these performances ...

"No feminine face which is studied decreases its age.  That of secret cares to conceal emerging wrinkles!  But the lisp of weak pronunciation doesn't serve to disguise one's years.

"The kept girls are very decently set up, and if they continue, it would be necessary to know them in order not to be misled, and to distinguish them from honest bourgeouises.

"One notes from all these promenades that women have great need of seeing and being seen ..."

Sebastien MERCIER, Tableau de Paris, 1782