Galerie des Modes, 45e Cahier, 2e Figure

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

The Beauty in the uncertainty of sitting waits with impatience for her lover while walking; she is wearing a Caravan hat, a chemise à la Reine, trimmed, with a streaked belt tied in a lover's knot. (1785)

On Marie-Antoinette's toilette. - "At noon she dressed for the whole day.  She slept laced in corsets with flaps of ribbon and sleeves trimmed with lace, and wore a grand kerchief.

"After her bath, a very big and very long chemise was passed to her, open entirely and trimmed with lace, more of a bedgown of white taffeta.

"In the first part of her reign, the Queen loved to put on a little rouge, but several years before her death, she had renounced this practice.

"In summer, she often wore white percale gowns, a gauze kerchief, and a straw hat."