Galerie des Modes, 42e Cahier, 2e Figure

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

Gown en Fourreau, turned-up sleeves, the edge of the Gown turned back in front, with cords and a button, from which hangs a tassel. (1784)

Hats trimmed with flowers. - Trimmings made by Mlle Bertin for the Princess of Baratinsky.

"1782, 8 August. - A high-crowned hat of yellow straw lined with taffeta, a garland of cornflowers and poppies around the crown, a while feather and a bow behind. - 54 livres.

"A second hat of yellow straw lined with blue taffeta and edged with a beautiful blonde fond d'Alençon lace, with packets of pink carnations and mignonette, a white feather and a blue ribbon. - 84 livres.

"A hat dressed and edged with a garland of scabiosa, with bouillons of white ribbons, two curled plumes and a panache of cut plumes. - 72 livres."

Dossiers Bertin, Doucet Library.