How's Your Weekend (Redux)

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

Picasa/Blogger's pictures have finally started working again, allowing me to refill my buffer of fashion plates (I was down to only about six) and to put the pictures into the How's Your Weekend post!  It's much more interesting with them in.

In related news, I've spent this weekend working hard on my own 1920s presentation, More Than Just Flappers, to be given at Clermont in late June.  Right now it's just about finished, technically speaking, but I need to start actually running it to get it down and check the time.  I of course want to be dressed appropriately, so I've ordered a nice indigo-ish cotton twill for a dress and white rayon for some underthings, and I've made a kind of draped muslin for a dress.  Starting with the pattern above - from Cut of Women's Clothes, originally from The Ladies' Tailor (The Tailor & Cutter), 1921 - I'm adding in two gathered side insets as in the design in the lower left of the page below from McCall's Magazine, also 1921.