Galerie des Modes, 40e Cahier, 3e Figure

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

New robe a l'Anglaise trimmed with Gauze and Blonde lace, with a garland of flowers which covers the middle of the trim.  Belt of white taffeta whose ends are trimmed with blonde lace.  Coiffure a la Vestale. (1782)

The use of ribbons of flowers for trimming the hair did not cease to be in favor during the whole eighteenth century.  They were also frequently used to trim caps.  In 1769 the Courrier de la Mode noted its success; it recommended, in place of ribbons, the use of garlands of flowers of one or two colors mounted very close together.  One thus uses overall Italian flowers or those of Toulouse, made of fine, gummed cloth "which imitated nature to fool oneself".  The little ones were the most sought-after.