Galerie des Modes, 22e Cahier, 4e Figure

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

Costume of a Fury or Eumenide restored for the theatre of the Opera by P. N Sarrazin, Costumer to TRH Nosseigneurs the Princes, Brothers of the King. (1779)

BALL AND THEATRICAL DRESS.  Character of a Fury.  The bodice is composed of two dragon skins, trimmed with their wings; some forming the sleeves and collar with revers, the others falling in drapery over the petticoat or bottom of the Gown, serving as its head.  The whole thrown in drapery over the body [or stays], held in by twining serpents, and a large iron ring headed with a screech owl.

Amadis sleeves matching the petticoat, fire-colored; the joints of the arms serving as haunts for the interlaced serpents.

Petticoat or bottom of the Gown, pulled up with chains, and edged with multicolored sequined embroidery, representing the attributes of Anger and Envy.

For the ornamenting of the Print, the Artist drew the serpents over the brodequins.*  But as this Outfit is intended for dancing, this trim must be removed, as it could obstruct the Dancer's movements.

* "an ancient sort of shoe worn by hunters, and by actors of tragedies" - Dictionnaire Royal