Galerie des Modes, 22e Cahier, 1ere Figure

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

Infernal Divinity's dress, invented by P. N. Sarrazin, Costumer to TRH Nosseigneurs the Princes Brothers of the King, Director of the Salon of Costumes of the Colisée. (1779)

CHARACTER DRESS.  The symbolic attributes with which it is adorned announce well enough that it is a Fairy's Dress, a Magician's, Medea's.

This costume was worn for the first time, at the time of the Parties given at Isle-Adam, in 1769, by the Prince de Conti.  It has since been adopted by the Theater; it is composed of an exterior bodice with basques, and an interior bodice ending in drapery; the basques and the drapery are cut in bat wings.  The skirt of the Gown, or petticoat, matches the first bodice, trimmed with lightning bolts and checks in embroidery; belt of serpents.  Sleeves of both bodices in mancherons, cut in bat wings, and leaving the lower part of the Arms naked and free.  The manchettesare held in with entwined serpents.  Cape fastened on the shoulder and falling to the ground.

Coiffure in boudins, these are long curls hanging on the shoulders; interlaced with snakes, vipers, and serpents; the boudins are always hairpieces and without powder: the longer they are, the more beautiful they are.  The coiffure in boudins was seen to cost more than fifty Louis: when the hair is longer than an ell, it is beyond expensive.