1840s Chemise

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

For once I have an actual sewing update!  More pictures and explanation on the official page, here, but I'm proud of it, so here is me in it:

Also, I look decent in the picture, which is more than enough reason to post it.

On L'art de la Lingere: I've decided that I'm going to be publishing it on Amazon rather than posting it here in installments.  Sorry!  But I will of course have a few promotional days so you can get it for free.  Right now I've finished the initial translation, and I'm revising it to make sentences make sense and to fix areas where I didn't quite understand words/phrases until they were made clear later on.  I'm hoping that one of my brilliant, wonderful French friends would volunteer to help me out with the areas (I promise, there are not that many) where I'm really stumped?  I will of course credit you.