Galerie des Modes, 15e Cahier, 2e Figure

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

Young Lady dressed in the Austrasian style,* sleeves in sabot cuffs called à l'Isabelle, with a Peruvian-style vest, over which passes a bandolier belt.  This Costume was born in 1778; it is called the Jeanne D'Arc outfit. (1778)

 Jeanne D'Arc outfit.  It would often be rather difficult to justify the names given to certain outfits, and in this case one can [arrange?] the outfit it refers to.  Jeanne D'Arc, better known under the name "Maid of Orleans", wore a man's clothing, which then consisted of a tunic or very short gown, with a hood, braies or trousers, shoes that lace, hair in a round cut above the ear: clothing which certainly has no similarity with that of the Figure.

Anyway, this Figure is dressed in a gown called à l'Austrasienne; it is a type of polonaise that is very open in the front and which is thrown entirely to the back, where it is held very high; under this gown is a vest à la peruvienne, surmounted by a contentement matching the bows on the sabot cuffs.  The trim winds around the collar in the shape of a demi-medicis: the whole is cut by a ribbon placed like a baldric; very full volant, trimmed at the top and bottom with plain ribbons like the baldric.

Medium crest cap, trimmed with flowers, serving to crown a racine droite hairstyle in installments; above it, a brush, and the favori bent in front of the ear.

* Austrasia was the north-eastern part of the Merovingian Frankish kingdom, considered the homeland of the Franks.