A Successful Day

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

Today I went down to Hudson to have lunch with a school friend (that sounds very 1930s-English, doesn't it?), and after we ate we went around to a few of the antique shops!  As I'd already bought four antique fashion magazines on eBay this morning - three were from the 1920s, so it counts as legit DressU research expenses - I didn't want to spend much, but in the last shop there were boxes of cartes-de-visite and cabinet cards.  They were priced at, respectively, $1 and $3, so I went through and picked out several that were useful research sources and a few more that were just aesthetically pleasing.

I didn't notice at first, but these two have the same backing and the same stamp on the back, so they're obviously from around the same date.  (I've included scans of all the backs with writing/printing, because it's helpful to be able to connect different typography styles with different periods.  And because they're cool.)