Sorry, but ... Yay!

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

I completely forgot about posting a fashion plate this morning - because yesterday I suddenly found out that the Chapman's grant came through and they could hire me back for another three months to work on cataloguing!  I had to get up at 6:30 again and posting from the queue didn't cross my mind.  (If I could work out how to schedule posts to go up automatically, if that's even possible, that would be so great.)

And then I meant to make this apology post with a picture of this adorable Art Nouveau scale and a yarn holder, but of course I left my camera cord at work, because this is me we're talking about!  Instead I will leave you with a few older fan pictures.

These two are both from the 1910s.  The first is one of the very popular Neo-neoclassical fans which I love; the second is an advertising fan from Coney Island.

An 1880s fan with mother-of-pearl sticks and a heavy silk leaf, printed with an eighteenth century woman in a sacque.  Lovely silk tassel.

A cardboard hand fan from the Washington County fair (held in my hometown!), 1916.