Blue Gown Gets an Airing

Posted by muhammad nasrudin

Long time, no post!  I've been conflicted about sharing the pictures Mom took of me at the Saratoga Battlefield because I don't like how I look in them, but I've finally decided to do so in hopes that I'll get some good advice.

My favorite of the lot.

The wrong things I can spot are:
- armscye is too far out on the shoulder (that's one I'm finding tough to get over - it's tough to change my assumption of where the seam should be)
- front needs to be pulled further down before being pinned; I'm pretty sure the cut is right and there's a v-shape to the waist seam, and that if it were pinned correctly some of the wrinkles and awkwardness would disappear
- stomacher needs a bone or two, maybe, because it loses tension very easily after pinning and goes wrinkly
- cap is terrible, no, I know it is, it's not great cotton and it's without a pattern, it looks okay from this distance but from closer-to there are real issues
- kerchief bunches up in the neckline and makes me look like I'm hunching my shoulders up.  I'd really appreciate advice on that
- shift needs fuller sleeves gathered to a band, but I knew that already

From the back, most of the same issues are apparent.  My wonky scoliosis hip doesn't help.

Now, I do think there are good things about this ensemble.  My sewing is pretty good, and I used the underhand hem stitch/point a rabattre sous la main whenever appropriate (hems and sleeve bottoms) to get practice at it.  Even if the fit isn't quite right, my pattern is good, and I'm counting that because I took the pattern myself.  And the linen is a lovely color that everyone comments on!

This event was meant to be a Loyalist encampment at Breymann Redoubt on the battlefield, but unfortunately the regiment that was meant to be attending canceled at the last minute, so the sole reenactor was a member of the 62nd Regiment of Foot who also works there.  I think he's recruited me to his group, though!  I need to email them and get more info.