Where Did All the Glamorous Women Go?

Posted by little fairy

Not since the days of Audrey Hepburn has Hollywood radiated like it used to from the aura of glamorous women. The world is filled with beautiful women today, but rarely anymore do you walk into a jewelry store and find yourself drawn to the glamour of the creature trying on diamonds. A pretty woman makes you smile and check out their physique but a glamorous woman commands your respect and admiration.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines glamorous as excitingly attractive. The key word there is "excitingly." There are still beautiful women today, in and out of Hollywood; however there is a vast difference between beautiful and glamorous. Glamorous women carry themselves with such positive aplomb and charisma that they enchant you and hold you mesmerized. A beautiful woman demands your attention in order to gain full recognizition of her beauty, because if you don't notice she is beautiful her beauty does her no good. But a glamorous woman emanates such self-assurance, refinement and sophistication with an air of classy mystique everyone naturally gravitates towards them. A beautiful woman will begin to loose her beauty as she ages. But glamour is something a lady never loses. Sophia Loren and Princess Diana were glamorous. A fashion model is merely beautiful. So how do you become glamorous and not merely beautiful? Here is how:

• Dress in quality clothes. Buy clothes that are high quality, not clothes that are on sale and trendy. It is OK to have fewer clothes if they are high quality.
• Speak intelligently. Be aware of world issues and speak with knowledge but speak with the fewest words possible, calmly and quietly but directly.
• Use manners. Use the utmost manners constantly.
• Attitude. Have a positive attitude always; never say anything negative about anyone or anything.
• Poise. Always sit, stand and walk with perfect posture but not forced and unnatural.
• Pace. Never rush or become frantic. Command time as your own.
• Make others feel good about themselves. Don't focus the conversation on you, make it about them and find things to be impressed about in them.
• Know your attributes. Forget trends in clothes and make-up. Know what your best attributes are and dress yourself in the right clothes and make-up to bring out your attributes and downplay your non-attributes.
• Timeless classics. When choosing clothes, jewelry, shoes or purses, the best bet is to go with the timeless classics, always.
• Have a purpose. In other words get a life and have meaning to the things you do.
• Read. Read often and read a lot, fiction and non-fiction. But stay away from romance novels and other genres, read true literature, both old and new.